IBRA International Conference: All we know about radius

IBRA International Conference: All we know about radius

ETKİNLİK TARİHİ: 12 Nisan 2019

IBRA International Conference: All we know about radius        

Organizer:              International Bone Research association www.ibra.net
Language:              english
Date:                April 12 - 13, 2019 (Friday, Saturday)
Venue:                    Congress Center of the Czech National Bank Prague, Czech Republic
Faculty:                   Dr. Rohit Arora, Innsbruck, AT 

Dr. Martin Czinner, Vysoké nad Jizerou, Liberec, CZ 

Dr. Scott Edwards, Phoenix, Arizona, USA 

Univ.-Doz. Dr. Markus Gabl, Innsbruck, AT 

Prim. Dr. Wolfgang Hintringer, Vienna, AT 

Dr. Radek Kebrle, Vysoké nad Jizerou, CZ

Dr. Giulio Lauri, Firenze, IT 

Prof. Dr. Martin Leixnering, AUVA, Vienna, AT 

Prof. Rames Mattar Junior, São Paulo, BR 

Christoph Pezzei, AUVA, Vienna, AT 

Prof. Dr. Michael Sauerbier, Frankfurt, DE

Dr. Frederik Verstreken, Antwerpen BE 




Dear colleagues and friends,


when Saffar in 1995 published his book Fractures of the distal radius (DRF), it summarised most recent knowledge about this topic in that time.  But only 6 years later in 2001 Orbay published his paper presenting the use of volar locking plate in the treatment of DRF and it changed treatment completely. Now, 18 years later DRF is THE TOPIC in upper limb trauma surgery, orthopedics and hand surgery.  Although frequently discussed on scientific meetings and well described in the literature,  there are still lots of controversial questions. What is the indication for ORIF, what plate to use, when is fragment specific fixation better, should we use grafts, how to treat complex cases, perform ORIF in porotic bone, what is the role of arthroscopy, when should we treat soft tissue lesions, when and how to perform corrections, how to decrease complication rate and how to deal with complications, when is salvage indicated ...


Aware of all these controversies, we would feel honored to invite you to the second Prague IBRA meeting focusing on distal radius fracture treatment. Our symposium is intended not only to describe the basic approach with evidence-based support but also to show and discuss a much larger range of problems that everyone treating DRF might face. The factors like distal radius anatomy, type and energy of fracture, a delay from injury, age, a location of pathology, and different treatment options, will be presented and discussed. Case reports and Tips and Tricks are an essential part of the program. The complications and false treatments will be presented and possible treatment options will be shown. 


A two-day symposium on DRF treatment has been planned. All of the invited speakers are well-experienced specialists in this specific field. This event may appeal to all surgeons dealing with DRF and their sequelae. DRF will always be most frequent trauma we treat so let´s make our results better with up to date information. 


We look forward to welcoming you in Prague to a great event.    

Radek Kebrle and Aleš Fibír


Website and registration: www.ibra.net/Events/


Contact:                   MUDr. Aleš Fibír, Ph.D.

Dpt. of plastic surgery, University hospital Hradec Kralove, Czech republic

e-mail: fibir@seznam.cz



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